Welcome to The Marv Zone?

So, here we go…

Here I am writing this post in September, with the hope of getting everything ready in time for a big November the 26th 2020 something or other…

What will that be? I’m not 100% sure just yet, but I’m hoping that it will be something that’s interesting.

At present I’m coming up with ideas for a podcast that I’m hoping to do, where I talk to people involved in podcast shows, an extremely meta idea, with my first recording taking place on the week of September 29th. I’d say “wish me luck”, but now it’s either worked or not worked.

When I took part as a guest on the podcast When They Was Fab, my home internet was from a mobile phone connection. Now however there is broadband, albeit from the same mobile phone provider using that network’s signal… I’m slightly worried, but it streams well for the tv, so I’m hopeful!

If it works out, then I will do a season of eight shows, and then release them one a week. After this I’ll record eight episodes for season two in January and February, to start releasing at the beginning of April, giving approximately eight weeks between seasons.

There are other elements I’m looking at as well.!

I’m going to carry on doing a general blog with the provisional title of Middle-Aged Meanderings (that title isn’t final yet, but it makes me laugh a little), and I’ll be carrying on the relatively new blog Quick Response, where I give my opinions on music after my first listen, while I’m in the work van, so it’s a background music listen and not a concentrated listening!

I’ve also started looking at cataloguing my music collection (CD’s, vinyl, and tape cassettes), and my DVD/Blu-ray collection.

There’s also a section where I’ll be linking to my personal friends’ music, and to my own music.

I’m going to be fifty and, quite frankly, where am I? What have I done? It’s time to shake things up while I can!

Am I going through a midlife crisis? Maybe, but it’s not much of one! It’s me saying sod it, try these things and see what happens!

Thank you, and take care.

September 10th 2020

Author: Marvsmooth

Mobile alarm response officer, musician, and songwriter. I also love gaming, films, reading, and going out to places like nature reserves, animal parks, museums, etc. I'm also both a social networking addict, and a podcast addict!

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