What to expect…

Okay, so what’s going on then?

In a sense, this is intended to be an easier way to stay up to date with what’s going on with me personally, whilst attempting to cut down on social networking.

Now, I know that that is easier said than done, and really if I think about I’ve still got to post these things up!

There are sections for my listening, viewing, and reading, which I always posted up anyway, because I like turning people onto new things that they may not have tried! That’s just how I am.

As I’ve said, the blogging continues, but the title and page will have to change. That would have to change, as I’d no longer be in my forties!

The podcast show details will appear on here and, time permitting, I may even have short bonus episodes. There might even eventually be alternative show ideas thrown in for good measure.

Written in October 2020

Author: Marvsmooth

Mobile alarm response officer, musician, and songwriter. I also love gaming, films, reading, and going out to places like nature reserves, animal parks, museums, etc. I'm also both a social networking addict, and a podcast addict!

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