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Steve Hackett – Under A Mediterranean Sky

Guitarist/composer Steve Hackett, famously known for being a member of Genesis in the 1970’s, has since his debut solo album Voyage Of The Acolyte in 1976 been constantly releasing material that’s shown his continuing exploration of music, undeniably inspired by his progressive tendencies.

While it is true to say that in the live realm he loves to tour his Genesis Revisited sets (and why wouldn’t he want to remind people of the inventive and furtive 1969-1976 Genesis material, as no one else from the band seems to), with his released studio material however, it is all completely original.

Steve says that during lockdown he was looking at photographs he and his photography buff wife Jo had taken during trips to different European countries, and was inspired to write pieces based on these. Because of this, Steve has written an album of pieces that are almost like the listener is on a trip around Europe.

The melodies and rhythms. The harmonies and accompaniment. All of these things wonderfully reflect the places that inspired Steve to write the music herein, and give us what I think is an album that is exactly what we need – something to remind us of the beauty that is out there when we are passed Covid-19, and can get back to some semblance of normality.

Within these pieces there are beautiful solo guitar pieces like the exquisite Lorato, or full on almost classical epics such as Mdina (The Walled City), and more. There is so much in here, and once again it shows his innate nature of constantly growing and exploring movement within music, and how liberating music can be.

This album is already a solid 5 out of 5 for me, and truly a standout in Steve’s already exemplary catalogue.

Reviewed on January 30th 2021.

Author: Marvsmooth

Mobile alarm response officer, musician, and songwriter. I also love gaming, films, reading, and going out to places like nature reserves, animal parks, museums, etc. I'm also both a social networking addict, and a podcast addict!

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