Quick response – Panther by Pain Of Salvation

Reviewed September 6th 2020

After the release of the fabulous album In The Passing Light Of Day, main creative light of the band Pain Of Salvation Daniel Gildenlow has pieced together an equally fabulous follow-up.

The band’s music has continued to grow since Road Salt One, now nicely filling a great niche in the area between progressive rock and progressive metal, wonderfully incorporating elements from both!

This album takes the musical cues from their previous releases, and takes it up to that next step, creating something that is definitely them, but at the same time something new!

The lyrics continue that strong emotional feel that Daniel has become great at doing, as well as the wonderful way that he matches melody to lyric. He’s one heck of an emotional singer!

The music is wonderfully epic, going through numerous musical landscapes, once again perfectly matching the lyrical point of the songs. The fact that all of the members of the band, including Daniel himself, are such proficient musicians, helps to push that really well.

This album grabbed me from the very first moment, and never ever let me go! A truly great album in my opinion!