Pods Like Us S4 E2

Life And Life Only

This was a fun show to record, but also a long one to record.

The show’s host and creator Antony Rotunno had been on the show in season one, when we discussed his show Glass Onion: On John Lennon, and Antony was in fact one of my first ever guests…

When I first started recording the show, I organised a series of recordings, where a week after my first recording, the one with Robbie from Out Of The Blank, I set up seven or eight recordings in three days, and I think that Antony was the first or second one in that set of shows.

Now almost a year later, here we both were more used to the world of podcasts. Well I was. Antony had been podcasting for a long while before my initial green self happened upon him.

During this conversation we discussed all sorts of subjects that both applied to the subject of his show Life And Life Only, and didn’t.

Life And Life Only is about all sorts of things to do with making life better and more interesting.

In showtime we spoke for around two and three quarter hours, and about 45 minutes outside of showtime.


Bullet points and quick notes
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