Pods Like Us S4 E1

Beatles Chat Group

I thought about having a group chat, and at relatively short notice Tom Hunyady from both 2 Legs: A Paul McCartney Podcast and Talk More Talk, Ed Chen from When They Was Fab, and Ethan Alexanian from Fans On The Run and Anything But The Beatles agreed to take part.

Ethan hadn’t actually recorded any podcasts for a long time, and was joking about it throughout. He needn’t have worried though, because he still had the magic.

We talked about so many things, mainly focusing on the reissues that are by released by The Beatles collectively, and from their solo careers.

I love the flow of the group chat shows, in that it’s a very different feel to the shows where it’s myself speaking with a single show’s presenter or presenters.

A conversation between podcasters gives an interesting perspective, where you hear presenters from different shows discussing subjects between each other, showing how they are as people outside of the comfort zone of their own show, but also how their own individual personalities make them the podcasters that they are perhaps.

Tom was hoping that it would be a group chat about films, in particular classic films, because it would bring another love of his with films.

To pull away the curtain, that would happen the following week in context with recording order.


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