Pods Like Us S1 E9

Sean O’Connell – one of three hosts from Reelblend, and Managing Director of entertainment news agency Cinemablend.

Now then…

This one is a difficult one for me, because to say that I was nervous is an understatement for sure!

First off, Sean is an incredibly busy person anyway, with his job as Managing Director of the entertainment news agency Cinemablend, and as one of the three hosts of the podcast Reelblend.

Initially the chat was going to start at 9pm (UK time, 4pm there in North Carolina I think), but Sean was still in a meeting, so it was moved to 10pm, and then at 9.40pm Sean messaged to say he could fit in half an hour right there and then!

Nervous me initiated the Zoom call, with me starting the recording straight away and, despite Sean saying to think of it as “just two guys talking,” my anxiety remained throughout!

I felt rushed and, if I’m being honest, with the very little experience I’ve had since then, I think that I would be better now!

Sean was a complete professional all the way through, as well as incredibly informative and responsive.

Sean thanking me for following their show and my loyalty is something that I’ll never forget. I do love their show, with the great rapport between the three hosts, and how they remind me of when I’ve been to see films with friends who have then chatted for ages afterwards about what we had just seen!

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