Pods Like Us S1 E8

Group chat – Marv, Jen & Sam

Now for a change in normal service I thought of having a group chat, where myself and friends discuss our backgrounds and our history with podcasts.

Initially it was going to be myself with Sam Wheatley (who went to school with my younger brother), Dean Leivers (friend from my gigging days, who’s also a fabulous photographer, cinematographer, and cameraman), and Jen Longworth (who I know from the FAWM songwriting challenge, and is an experienced podcast presenter and producer).

However, Dean couldn’t take part at such a late time, as he had a late call for an early start job the next morning.

The three of us had a great chat, which I hope will come across well!

Not podcast based, but what Sam says about my introducing him to the music of Fishbone really touched me.

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