Pods Like Us S1 E6

Tom Hunyady & Andy Nicholes from 2 Legs: A Paul McCartney Podcast

This was an episode that I had been looking forward to. To pull the curtain away, the truth is that Tom from 2 Legs and Ed Chen from When They Was Fab were incredibly supportive of me getting the show up and running, and getting me prepared. I possibly wouldn’t be doing the show if not for their suggestions and moral support.

I originally intended this show to be recorded 24 hours earlier , but that got mixed up.

As it was though it turned out great, and I had a wonderful chat with both Tom & Andy, with Andy even saying just to ask him if I need any help.

We had a great talk about their show, our mutual love for The Beatles both together & solo, and Paul McCartney in particular. Obviously we talked about the general world of podcasting as well!

I had a lot of fun chatting, and I think that chatting with people like Tom & Andy, and in deed all of the people that I’m talking with, is doing me a lot of good psychologically as well, because I’ll admit that I’m used to being away from family, but to have not seen any close family for the whole of 2020, is really getting to me, as I’m sure it is with others.


Now, the problem I have is that I would happily keep talking and doing shows with all of the people that do Beatles related programmes, but I know that my own show needs variety in each season!

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