Pods Like Us S1 E5

Jason Barnard from The Strange Brew Podcast

Back to putting the episodes out in order for now again, with the next episode recorded after Paul Or Nothing being a great chat with Jason Barnard about the long running show The Strange Brew Podcast, which has been going for over ten years.

I love the guests that Jason has on his show, and am a fan! When he mentioned during chit chat that he was going to be talking with Martin Barre (of Jethro Tull), Jakko Jaksyk (King Crimson), and Rat Scabies (The Damned, I was so in awe!

Another show where I found myself talking with a really nice person, who I now consider a friend!

I don’t know why the show is as relatively short as it was, as I thought there was more footage… I guess that I must have just recorded less than usual!

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