Pods Like Us S1 E3

Sam Whiles of Paul Or Nothing

So, this was the next episode recorded after my chat with radio presenter Ben Burrell.

At around 3pm on Tuesday the 29th of September 2020, two and a half hours after the call ended with Ben, I recorded a Zoom call with Sam, the presenter of the audience growing show Paul Or Nothing. In his show, Sam goes through Paul McCartney’s discography mostly without any foreknowledge of what he’s in for!

We talked for a long long time (about two hours in total I think), and it was such a great conversation as well! Of course I was talking as a big fan of Macca myself, so got really into the conversation.

Again we were both working from an initial “bullet point” list that I had come up with a few days before the show’s recording, and we worked through the show, adding some bits afterwards that we thought were needed, which I edited into the main body of the show.

This took a while to get edited, mostly due to a laptop that needs to be seriously replaced by a machine that doesn’t need a Zimmer frame! The webcam no longer works on it either.

Bullet points were still too long!


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