Pods Like Us S1 E2

Ben Burrell of Bob Dylan Album By Album, Long Player, Absolute Radio, and Absolute 90’s

So, six days after the surprise early recording of the first episode (with Robbie from Out Of The Blank), at 11am on Tuesday 29th September 2020, a “Zoom meeting” was started up by me to talk with Ben Burrell, professional presenter of radio shows and two podcasts, who interviews people for a living, and has presented for a few years…

The pressure was on… Here I was, a complete novice, speaking to someone who is a seasoned professional. Luckily though, in the pre-show chat I made a friendship with him, which eased me in! He is a genuinely nice guy.

After that the show went really well, albeit with the odd fluff, but Ben was very good about it all, and you can even hear him in the show saying at end something along the lines of “that was good”!

Thank you Ben, and if ever you want to talk about Bob some more, then you know where to find me. 🙂

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