Pods Like Us S1 E16

Group chat

So, Season One ends with a great group chat between myself, Jennifer Longworth of Bourbon Barrel Podcasting, and Kit O’Toole (the “Queen of all Beatles media” herself) from Talk More Talk.

Feelers were put out for other people, but my close friends were busy with stuff (family commitments and that), and of course in the US there were Thanksgiving celebrations!

As it turned out, I think that the three of us had a great chat about all sorts of music and podcast related stuff.

Before Jennifer & Kit joined the zoom call, I recorded an intro to the show, where I mentioned about people who had sent in reviews to streaming platforms. I think it’s important that I carry that on in the future, and they will be a part of the group shows from now on!

I just need to hone it, so I don’t sound like I don’t know what I’m doing. Next time, I’ll write it rather than make it up on the spot!

After the show, I recorded a tribute to Ryan Brady, Vice President of Atlantic Records, and co-host of the podcasts Take It Away and Now Hear This.

I was only chatting with Ryan a few days before, and was shocked to hear of his passing.

He was a lovely guy, who was supportive of this Pods Like Us endeavour of mine throughout, and I was actually looking forward to chatting with him, Chris, and Paul the following week for the opening episode of Season Two of this show!

It’s strange to be putting out the episode as it is really, because the first about six or so minutes of voice is just me. The tribute before the opening music is about four minutes. Then between the opening music and the main part of the show it’s almost two minutes of housekeeping (the name for catching up on reviews and show feedback).

I was going to read the actual reviews sent in, but was very aware that six minutes of just me rambling was too much for most people.

After the “end” theme, there’s about twelve minutes of banter from before and after the “show”.

The show itself I think is great. What people can’t hear, because of my editing, is Jennifer having some problems with her cats. Unfortunately she was unable to mute her microphone during this, but me & Kit were able to just soldier on with the sound of cat wrangling in the background. You the listeners don’t hear that, because of the magic of separated tracks!

So, that’s the sixteenth and final episode of Season One done, although if you peek behind the curtain a little more, then you’ll find that three episodes for Season Two are already in the can.

There are already plans afoot for in-between season specials as well.

Thank you to everyone who supported the show, took part, and listened. I am incredibly grateful to even connect with the regular listeners that I seem to have.

I’m trying to get together a good podcasting community through the show, and all those I’ve talked with are lovely people.

General show outline. There were a lot of other notes on other bits of paper, but they’re messy!

In memory of Ryan Brady. You made a difference, and were loved by many of us. ❤️💿🎧

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