Pods Like Us S1 E15

When They Was Fab

So, here we are at Episode 15 of the first season, and it’s another great show!

I’m trying to think now whether this was my introduction to the world of Beatles related podcasts, or if that was the show Take It Away? I might even have started listening to them both around the same time?

I do know that with both, I listened to every episode, and got up to date!

Recording this episode was great, with very little problems that I can think of.

The only problem was that I was looking forward to talking with Ed and his co-host Lonnie Pená, but that wasn’t possible. I said to Lonnie that we’ll have to do a rain check, which may turn out to be the first instance of a second episode related to a previous show subject.

Either that, or he could be part of a group chat episode? I’m not sure yet, but am open to both options!

During this show we chatted about When They Was Fab, The Beatles, solo Beatles, Star Trek, Hawkwind… It was a great chat, and I was much better than when I appeared as a guest on their show around a year ago!

I enjoyed this show a lot, and from recording on the evening of Sunday the 22nd of November to releasing on Wednesday night of 25th of November, that’s the fastest (and most sleep-losing) episode so far!

The next episode will be a quicker turnaround!

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