Pods Like Us S1 E13

Chris, Jim & Rick from Lost & Found & Rewound

In all honesty I was already starting to get a little worried at this point, because after the initial recordings of the first eleven episodes over the course of three weeks, there was a while before anymore happened…

The recording of the previous episode with Gill from The Mind Buzz Podcast was done a few weeks after those eleven, which sort of calmed me, and I got hopeful again.

However, that calm was short lived. There were no recordings the following week, and releasing two episodes per week meant that I was slowly getting to the point where it looked like I wouldn’t have the episodes ready in time.

As it is I’m pushing it to get this episode edited together in time for it’s release 9 days after it’s recording.

Luckily, the guys from Lost & Found & Rewound contacted me, and we made an arrangement around a week before the recording for what would be midnight in the UK.

The time came, and I had a fair amount of coffee leading up to it.

It was all set for a midnight start, with Jim being the first to turn up on the Zoom call at around twenty to midnight!

Chris & Rick joined in the midnight hour, and what followed was so much fun, bar my toilet break at around one o’clock, at which point I let them have a chat with Louise.

I returned from the toilet to find them talking away happily, and will actually see if I can somehow fit it into the eventual show, either faking myself into that part, or leave Louise in there. Note – I edited it so that it sounds like I hand it over to Louise for a few minutes, and edited out my saying that I was going to the toilet!

During the talk we covered so much, and my favourite bits were when we went off on tangents.

A great show, but potentially longer than any other so far! With the twenty minutes before midnight, and us talking until around a quarter past two in the morning, that was more than two and a half hours of chattage to go through to build the show from! Boy, have I enjoyed these chats!

Having the guys mention my self-made show music and actual episodes was so cool, and Chris saying that I was “creating a community” through my show means so much to me! I hope that’s true.

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