Pods Like Us S1 E12

Pods Like Us meets The Mind Buzz Podcast

I actually recorded this over two occasions, because of technical difficulties more than anything else!

It was due to be recorded on Wednesday 28th of October at 8pm here in the UK, but I was having internet problems.

So, eventually at 9.20pm I started up zoom on my iPhone 6, plugged some headphones in, and did the show on that, getting the main body of the show recorded.

Later I thought about going into the whole subject of “the drug paradox”, and other bits that could be expanded on, to slot into the show hopefully seamlessly.

So, on Thursday the 12th of November, I called Gill over Zoom, and chatted for about forty minutes, during which we added a couple of extra bits to the show, which actually added a significant amount to the over all show itself, as well as expanding on the post show bits!

It was great chatting with Gill. I’ll possibly be guesting on his show at some point, which is cool!

The following is something that I wrote on my Facebook page;

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