Pods Like Us S1 E11

Ant Short – Therapy For Me, The Corona Diaries, 9-42, On Brand, and another I can’t remember…

The fourth recording over that second set of days where I recorded four shows was the talk with Ant Short, producer of five different shows. He’s obviously got more time than I have!

I had contacted Ant before I even started recording any episodes, but he was so busy that he didn’t get back to me for a while. There was also the fact that I contacted him from my personal Instagram page, and then when the show got it’s own Instagram page, it was obvious that it was a real thing.

This episode was one of those that, to be honest, I saw as important.

Initially the thought was to chat with Ant and Steve Hogarth of Marillion, as they do The Corona Diaries together. However that didn’t happen, which, as I said to Ant outside of the show time, is probably a good thing, as I would have gone “all fan boy” as a fan of the band Marillion myself!

We talked for absolutely ages, and had some technical issues at the beginning of the show, which was sorted by Ant switching his webcam off, due to my not great WiFi connection. From then on there was no problem!

I was at work later that day.

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