Pods Like Us S1 E10

James Hounsell & James Harrison from TTM Pods

A couple of weeks after the initial recordings, I organised another four recordings over two days, with this being the second of the three…

Funnily enough, even though this is the second of those four recorded, it’s the third of those four to be released.

Earlier in the day I recorded the talk with Christel from Radiodays Europe.

The episode recorded third came out a couple of episodes ago in the form of the group chat, just because I thought that it would be a good thing to put it out as episode eight. In season two I’m planning on four group chats at episodes four, eight, twelve, and sixteen.

Anyway, my chat with James & James from TTM Pods…

These guys were and are great, with them being very supportive, and incredibly professional.

Again times were altered slightly to give them a little more time before recording, as they had both been to work and had recorded a show themselves already a bit earlier.

We had a good talk before the show, and after the show, with both James’s being very ready and on the ball for recording. There were no pauses or anything, as they both knew that I had another show to record the minute we finished this one (the group chat)!

A great take from this episode is that it shows different ways to look at podcasts, with this one going for a more professional feel.

They were great to chat with, and it was fun!

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