Pods Like Us S1 E1

Robbie Robertson from Out Of The Blank

Pods Like Us started recording earlier than anticipated, and it’s a good thing in a way.

The original plan was to book a bunch of eight shows for recording, all in the space of three days (September 28th to September 30th 2020). However, it didn’t quite turn out that way!

Initially, as I was coming into this podcasting world from having no knowledge on how they were put together, I basically wrote out a scripted introduction, and fully formed questions, for every possible conversationalist! BAD IDEA!!!

As the show was going on, I realised that it should just take the form of a chat, as the “question and answer” format could come across as dry, so as soon as Robbie started doing his thing I thought “yep, introduce people to what the show is that we’re talking about!”

So that’s what happened… Straight after that I made up two or three word bullet points based on the questions I’d originally written out for everyone as, to be honest, I need to up my concentration skills from the years of working alone in my job and musical life. It’s rare that I interact with people, and we all need to connect!

I’m still proud of the episode, and Robbie was great at popping my podcasting cherry!


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